CycleOps ANT+ Micro USB Adapter

$19.39 Ex Tax: $19.39

CycleOps ANT+ Micro USB AdapterThe ANT+ Micro USB adapter allows on-the-go devices (OTG), such as your Android phone or tablet, to connect to an ANT+ USB stick. Android OTG compati..


CycleOps ANT+ Mini USB Stick

$38.79 Ex Tax: $38.79

CycleOps ANT+ Mini USB StickConnect your desktop to CycleOps VirtualTraining...


CycleOps ANT+ Speed or Cadence Sensor

$48.49 Ex Tax: $48.49

CycleOps ANT+ Speed or Cadence SensorThe CycleOps ANT+ Speed or Cadence Sensor accurately tracks your speed and cadence and is used along with a power meter or with an ANT+-compati..


CycleOps BlueGiga USB Dongle

$29.09 Ex Tax: $29.09

CycleOps BlueGiga USB DongleThe BlueGiga dongle gives Rouvy, CycleOps' virtual training software, the ability to seamlessly connect to Bluetooth devices and sensors. The BlueGiga d..


CycleOps Trainer Tire

$19.40 Ex Tax: $19.40

CycleOps Trainer TireCycleOps' 700x23c Trainer Tire is specifically designed for use on trainers for ultra quiet, smooth rolling durability...

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